Download these important 2012 Residential Building Code Updates


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One thing that remains consistent in the building business is change.  New codes, products, technology, marketing strategies, and changing consumer demand are just some of the areas that are continually transforming.  Knowledge is a key advantage in a competitive marketplace.  Through NAHB, NCHBA, and the BCHBA, members can obtain the information and preparation that allows them to gain the edge needed in the ever-changing construction industry.


The North Carolina Builder Institute is the educational arm for the NCHBA, providing over 50 courses in nine different curriculums to create an educational experience to meet the needs of both the builder member and associates.  NCBI brings together the industry’s leading experts to create a dynamic and exciting learning environment.   Click here for North Carolina Builder Institute.

The NAHB University of Housing

Whether you are new to the industry or a veteran ready to advance your career to the next level, the NAHB University of Housing can assist you in your educational pursuits. Serving as the facilitator of all NAHB education products, including 15 national conferences and tours, The NAHB University of Housing is committed to helping our members and the building industry “Reach Higher and Work Smarter.”  Click here for The NAHB University of Housing.

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